Heritage Day

I thought I would share a few snaps of the pretty Proteas that graced my Heritage Day table on Monday. I love Proteas and they really make me proud to be a South African, yet another amazing part of our rich heritage!

Images:©FAR Photography

What Makes Me Proudly South African? 


 We will be celebrating Heritage Day, in South Africa, this Saturday 24th September. Being a Capetonian and most certainly – Proudly South African, there is so much to celebrate! We are a nation made up of diverse cultures, with a rather complicated history but we are a fiercely proud “people”. So what is there not to celebrate – especially with the Springboks, our national rugby team competing in the Rugby World Cup 2011 and Saturday 24th September, being declared National Braai Day (that’s a barbeque for those that don’t understand South-Africanese?)

Why not join the celebration from your part of the world, celebrate your heritage – have a barbeque or braai (Click on this link to see more “South Africanese”) and celebrate with us! I have family in the UK and it still amazes me just… Continue reading

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