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Photo A Day – Day 2 Morning Ritual! I am so not a morning person, so before anything else gets done, coffee is my TOP priority! :)

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Knowing how to make a fresh tomato sauce is a great basic recipe to have in your cooking repertoire  you can use it as the base for so many other recipes and it is something you could do in advance and either store in the fridge or freezer, for when you need it. If you blend this recipe after cooking you can also use it as an alternative to store-bought tomato sauce.

This recipe for my Fresh Homemade Tomato Sauce will make quite a large quantity, which is perfect to store for later use, which you can use on your homemade pizza base or when preparing a quick easy weekday pasta dish. I have used chilli’s in this recipe if you would like to make it suitable for small children simply leave them out.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Ingredients for the Fresh Tomato Sauce


Day 2 of our count down and cherries are once again the subject! In my mind they are a such a big part of  Christmas and so traditional, their vibrant colour makes them perfect to photograph and they are so yummy to eat! Do not leave me alone with a punnet of cherries – who needs chocolate, I would rather have fresh cherries any day! I could not resist these, as their stalks were still joined!

Last week a bespoke box of a different sort was delivered to my door. Daily Dish is a new on-line service which offers clients the unique service of menu planning, ingredient sourcing and home delivery! Imagine my intrigue when I was offered an opportunity to try out their service. Being an avid cook myself but often plagued by the frustration of not having time to shop on the spur of the moment or not being able to source the necessary ingredients, it was certainly something I was excited to experience.

At Daily Dish, we’re not chefs (or foodies). We were just so frustrated with the last-minute dash around the crowded supermarket after work and bored with the same old meals and sad take-outs every week that we decided to do something about it. So we hunted around for a service… Continue reading

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