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I thought I would share Super Mom Blog in the Media with you – my blog was mentioned along with a few other local mom’s as “mommy tweeters we love”, on It is always great to receive such positive feedback – thanks Fairlady!
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Mommy tweeters we love

15 May 2012

If you’re looking for mom support or advice then these are the tweeters to follow.

If you’re not already following us on Twitter, it’s time to jump on the Twitter wave and find out what all the hype is about. It’s a wonderful place to find people and information. It’s especially handy when it comes to looking for like-minded people or people who are in a similar life phase to you.

As our May blogger of the month, Tanya Kovarsky worded it (page 71): ‘Twitter has offered me loads of support, even during 2am wake-ups, or toddler tantrums. I’ve made many real-life friends, and these women seem to know me and my day-to-day thoughts and activities better than most.’

Here are some great moms to start following:

Tanya Kovarsky

Bio: Writer, editor, trainer bloggerholic and social media slag. Imperfect mom of Max, Comrades runner. Devotee of Glee, Apples, Hello Kitty and Converse

FAIRLADY’s May blogger of the month, Tanya is the lady behind blogs Dear Max and Rattle & Mum (page 71). She offers a very realistic view of what takes to juggle parenthood, a career and having hobbies and personal interests.

You can follow Tanya by clicking here.

Tertia Albertyn

 Bio: Mother, author, blogger and baby-maker. The Queen of Everything.

Tertia is possibly the most famous mom blogger in South Africa. Similar to her blog’s frank and tongue-in-cheek tone, Tertia’s twitter stream is a mine of giggles, witty remarks and interesting links.

You can follow Tertia by clicking here.

Super Mom Blog

Bio: I am someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, someone’s mother

Aside from producing a great lifestyle blog that is so much more than just a mommy portal, Fiona is interesting to follow on twitter. You’ll find links for the mom on the go – wondering what make-up you should be buying, or perhaps you’re looking for style inspiration while pregnant – you’ll get this by clicking here to follow SuperMomBlog.

Sam Cowen

 Bio: 38 – 2kids, 1husband, loads of animals, breakfast xpress 94.7

Sam already has quite a following thanks to her radio presence although we think it’s for her dry sense of humour and sharp comments. Her twitter stream is filled with witty remarks and we challenge you to follow Sam without chuckling.

From her parenthood experiences:

To her exercise regimes:

We know you’ll love following her.

Cupcake Mummy

Bio: purple hair – rockin single mum to a boy toddler – tattooed – slightly psychotic – cupcake obsessed – book whore – tea lover – brutally honest – puddle jumping camera slave

Take a journey through parenthood with this passionate photographer and mom. Her blog details how she manages her Asperger Syndrome, her day-to-day dealings with her son, ‘Fish’ and showcases her photos. Her twitter stream is your connection to this fun mom.

Click here to follow Cupcake Mummy.

Tamaryn Watkins

 Bio: Maker of bodythrills, full-time fiancée, sometimes writer, accidental mother to blue-eyed boymischief. Kitchen ninja, vintage crockery fetishist.

Tamaryn offers a real insight into the challenges and delights of motherhood. You’ll laugh reading about her son’s antics, drool when reading what’s on the menu for dinner and marvel at her creativity. Her comments are astute, honest and hilarious – and just when you think you know everything about her, she’ll reveal a new talent.

Click here to follow Tamaryn.

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