Morgan Taylor Enchantment Collection

I recently posted about the new Morgan Taylor Cinderella 2015 Collection, which I think is amazing! Well today I am bringing you another awesome nail lacquer, this time from the Morgan Taylor Enchantment Collection 2015.

Morgan-Taylor-Enchantment Collection

The Morgan Taylor Enchantment Collection is a limited-edition palette made up of six majestic shades. The six echanting shades are: Hocus Pocus (dusty mint créme), Who-Dini? (blue grey creme), I’m The Good Witch (pink copper glitter), Magician’s Assistant (soft mauve creme), Now You See Me (chocolate brown shimmer) and Simply Spellbound (nude creme).

Morgan-Taylor-Magicians-AssistantThe one, which I am sharing today is Magician’s Assistant. Magician’s Assistant is a very soft and pretty mauve créme polish, which I absolutely love! I had so many positive comments about the polish, when I posted a photo of me wearing it, on Instagram!

morgan taylor enchantment collection-Magicians-Assitant

It is what I would call… Continue reading

Kirsten Goss

You may remember me mentioning recently how much I love jewellery! My taste as far as jewellery and accessories goes, has definitely changed over the years. I probably wear a lot less than I used – the whole less is more philosophy!


I do however firmly believe, that an outfit is not complete without accessories and that those accessories can make or break your outfit. It is also not always necessary be on trend. Being current is great but so is having your own unique sense of style.

Kirsten-Goss-date_night-Lifesaver combo

One jewellery designer I adore, particularly because of her unique range of jewellery is Kirsten Goss! I fell in love with a Kirsten Goss jewellery a few years ago. My loving hubby actually surprised me, with a Lifesaver a chain and pendant, a few Christmases back. I can honestly say, it is probably one of my most worn… Continue reading

Jeannette from Whiskey of the Week…

Hello everyone it is time to meet another local blogger on Confessions of a Blogger! I will be bringing you these interviews every two weeks so please look out for them! Today we meet Jeannette from Whisky of the Week. Truth be told, I am not much of a whisky drinker, much prefer wine but I am always keen to discover new things!

Jeannette-from-Whisky of the Week

My name is Jeannette, and I am one part of the ‘Whisky of the Week’ blog.  Me and my husband, John, blog about our love for whisky and pairing whisky and food.  Every Friday afternoon we taste a new whisky and blog about our impressions – hence ‘Whisky of the Week’.  We live in Centurion and collect Single Malt whisky from around the world. To date we have collected whisky from 21 different countries.  There are… Continue reading

Home Office

As you may be aware we moved home at the end of last year, which was quite an upheaval! We are fairly settled now but are battling a bit with a lack of space, as the house is incomplete – our project for 2015!


Unfortunately we have ended up in a situation, where we have less “general” space than in our previous house but once we have completed our planned alterations, that should be sorted. One of the main areas I am struggling with, is not having a proper home office. In our old home my office was in our spare room/study but it is now in our bedroom. I am finding this setup less than ideal, as our bedroom is mezzanine and open plan. Which means I hear all the noise from downstairs, this is not good for writing or work productivity in general.

We have just… Continue reading

Maybelline Superstay 14H Megawatt Lipstick 

I recently received a few new Maybelline lipsticks to review and among them was this gorgeous foursome. They are from the Maybelline Superstay 14H Megawatt Lipstick range. These lipsticks are an addition to their existing Superstay 14H range.

Maybelline-Super Stay 14H-Megawatt-Lipstick

If you are looking for super charged electric pigments to create a statement, in your face, bold lip, then these colours are perfect! The four Megawatt colours available in SA are Neon Pink 120, Flash of Fuschia 135, Burst of Coral 455 and Red Rays 575. I must admit I have become a bit boring with my lippie of late, opting for either a nude or soft pink lip {I can hear some of you shout BORING!} Well these shades are anything but boring!

Maybelline Superstay 14H Megawatt Lipstick

First impressions – I love the bright summery shades and the packing is cute and compact, perfect for popping in… Continue reading


I recently visited Babylonstoren, actually my first time ever! No judgement please! When I mentioned to most people that I had never been before, they were completely dumbfounded. I have heard so many people waxing lyrical about Babylonstoren but for some reason have just not been there myself.

Babylonstoren-Farm Vineyards

Well I can now say with pride – I have done the pilgrimage and was blown away! Those of you who have been will understand my excitement. From the time you set foot on the farm you are mesmerised by the most exquisite gardens, the serene beauty of your surroundings, not to forget the amazing restaurants and guest house – all on one property! As I said to Monique, our host for the day, it is more like a village than a farm.

Babylonstoren Gardens

Babylonstoren has become quite the popular destination for visitors to Cape Town and is well known around the… Continue reading

WHY Jewellery ~ WHY LOVE

Some of the first things that pop into my mind when someone mentions marriage, are glittering diamonds and sparkling gold!

WHY Jewellery Shaun & Bridge Wedding

Call me out fashioned but I think most girls, still dream the same romantic dream! To meet “Mr Right”, fall madly in love, have a magical wedding day – filled with beautiful flowers, white lace, I do’s and happily-ever-afters!

I am a true romantic at heart and I was definitely one of those girls! One of my most treasured possessions is definitely my engagement ring, not only because of the diamonds and gold but more importantly because of who gave it to me and what it symbolises – “our love”!

Shaun & Bridge wedding

As you know February is the month of love! Something which I have always thought is synonymous with love, is jewellery. Whether it is a heart shaped pendant for your teenage sweetheart, a sparkly diamond… Continue reading

Kärcher MV6 Premium

Housework is usually the last thing on most peoples list of fun things to do but it is unfortunately unavoidable! Imagine you had something, which could make this task bearable, maybe even fun!

Karcher MV6 Premium Vacuum Cleaner

Well let me introduce you to the amazing Kärcher MV6 Premium Vacuum Cleaner! Once you have used this baby, housework will never be the same again! It is not often I get this excited about a cleaning appliance but this machine is the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners! I was sent one to review and I am in love! {full review to follow soon}

The Krächer MV6 has outstanding suction power, exemplary energy efficiency, high-quality accessories, an innovative filter concept and maximum ease of use. It is the most powerful Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaner yet and it really does tick all the boxes. A match for any type of dirt,  the Kärcher MV6… Continue reading

Morgan Taylor Cinderella 2015 Collection

Hello beauties it’s Mani Monday time! Today I am sharing the fabulous new Morgan Taylor Cinderella 2015 Collection with you! The collection was inspired by the new Walt Disney Pictures, live action film, Cinderella. I have included the trailer at the end of the post, so have a watch!

Morgan-Taylor-Cinderella-2015 Collection

The Morgan Taylor Cinderella 2015 Collection consists of six dazzling colours, of which I received three to review. They arrived beautifully packaged, delivered by Prince Charming himself, glass slipper included!

All six colours are perfect for summer, from from glittery shades, to bright coral and soft princess pink, there is something for every princess in the collection.

The exclusive Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquers are infused with rare and precious elements. All pigments are saturated, pure and finely milled for luminous metallics, never before seen shimmers, decadent crèmes, stunning sheers and more glistening glitters. … Continue reading

One of the fashion trends I am really loving for summer, is tailored or structured shorts. I am not the tallest person in the world and always feel slightly self-conscious wearing short-shorts but recently discovered that wearing more tailored shorts can be very flattering.

Tailored Shorts

I think the key, for me anyway, is to ensure the shorts are not too short but not too long either. If they are too long they tend to cut off my leg in the wrong place and make me look even shorter! The key with fashion, is to always dress your body shape and showcase your best “bits”!

Fashion Tailored-Shorts

This is a look that can be very casual or quite chic, depending on how you style it. There are endless possibilities as far as tops go, either a short sleeved blouse or a long sleeved demin shirt work well. As far as shoes go, you can… Continue reading

Top Travel Destinations 2015

You may have seen a post recently on social media via Cheap Flights, where I shared, along with a few awesome South African Bloggers, my Top Travel Destinations 2015.

Top Travel Destinations 2015 Lucca

I thought I would share my Top Travel Destinations featured in the post, as well as a few additional international travel ideas for 2015. These are my picks for Top International Travel Destinations 2015:

Top Travel Destinations 2015 - Turkey  {Image Kirsten Rossiter}


{ This was my international pick for the Top Travel Destinations 2015 post on Cheap Flights }

Although I have not been yet myself, I have it on good authority that Turkey is one of the must visit places for 2015. Not only is there so much natural beauty to behold and so many interesting places to explore but it is also a much more affordable holiday destination for South Africans. This alone makes it a definite win in my… Continue reading

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