Charlotte from The Stilettomum…

Today on Confessions of a Blogger we meet Charlotte from the Stilettomum. I remember connecting with Charlotte from the Stilettomum, on social media, shortly after I started blogging in 2010, which is actually the same year she started!


Hi I’m Charlotte and I’m the brain behind The Stilettomum. I blog about everything and anything. My moto is taking on life, love and parenting one stiletto clad step at a time. I finally married the love of my life on 27 December 2014. We have 2 children, Amandalynn age 8 and Lorelai age 5. We stay in Brackenfell in the Western Cape.  From 8 -1 daily I am a Personal Assistant to Advocates at the High Court and in the afternoons I am a typical soccer mom.

  • When did you start your blogging journey and why? I started my blogging journey in March 2010 after… Continue reading

* Entries Are Closed *

Hello Lindt lovers! With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a fun Easter Egg Hunt!


Take part in a fun Easter Egg Hunt and you can Win a Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Hamper, worth R800. All you need to do to win this fab Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Hamper, is find the Lindt Gold Bunny, hidden somewhere on the website. Follow the simple instructions below and this amazing Lindt Gold Bunny Easter Hamper could be yours!

To Enter:

  • Find the Lindt Gold Bunny hidden on Inspired Living – Clue “You have to be in it to WIN it”
  • Screen-grab a picture of the LINDT Gold Bunny found on Inspired Living SA website.
  • Share via Twitter: “I just spotted the LINDT Gold Bunny on @inspired_lifeSA #LindtGoldBunnySA.” or
  • Share via Instagram: “I just spotted the LINDT… Continue reading

Dermalogica BioSurface Peel

Last year saw the launch of the Dermalogica BioSurface Peel. The BioSurface™ Peel, is Dermalogica’s first-ever chemical peel, exclusively formulated for use in skin care centres and spas around the world.


At the beginning of this year I was invited to participate in a trial, at the V&A Waterfront Concept Store, which combined the use of the Dermalogica BioSurface Peel, with the Dermalogica Powerbright TRx Treatment Kit. As you know I have hyperpigmentation and the trial was aimed at reducing the appearance of dark spots, as well as protecting the skin against further damage.

Some of you may have heard about the Dermalogica BioSurface Peel already but many people are really nervous about chemical peels, so I thought I would share a bit of info on the Dermalogica BioSurface Peel. I will share my review on the Powerbright products and more information on the… Continue reading

Spasie Underground Restaurant

If you love eating out but are in need of something a bit different, then Spasie Underground Restaurant is definitely the place for you! When I first saw mention of Spasie Underground Restaurant on Twitter, I was most intrigued. Which would make it was no surprise, when the invitation to dine there popped up in my inbox – I jumped at the chance.

Spasie Underground Restaurant

Spasie Underground Restaurant is certainly not your run of the mill eatery! Nestled amongst the eclectic mix of bulidings in Bo-Kaap, once the HQ of Haas Coffee, Spasie is both unexpected, as well as charming, which makes the concept even more successful.

Spasie Underground Restaurant

A dining experience rather than just a meal out, Spasie Underground Restaurant is the concept of Greg Zeleny, who you may know as the founder of Secret Eats. At Spasie, guests gather at a long chefs table for a… Continue reading

Ryan’s Kitchen

As you know I love Franschhoek! Truth be told, I would probably move there tomorrow, if the opportunity arose! One of our favourite dining experiences in the area, to date, was dinner at Ryan’s Kitchen. It was a rather romantic affair, which has stuck in my memory ever since!

Ryan's Kitchen Franschhoek

You can imagine my delight, when an invitation popped up in my inbox, inviting me to visit Ryan’s Kitchen, in their recenlty relocated and expanded venue!

Ryan's Kicthen Franschhoek

The new restaurant has been beautifully decorated. From the gorgeous duck egg blue walls, wood and glass furnishings, chic upholstery, it is the essence of understated elegance.

Ryan's Kitchen Franschhoek

Ryan’s Kitchen is owned and run by Ryan Smith and his wife Lana. Although a Michelin school trained chef, Ryan was adamant that his restaurant, would serve modern South African cuisine. The menu is driven by local and indigenous ingredients, historical and cultural… Continue reading

Sarah from Mascara and Mimosas…

On today’s Confessions of a Blogger we meet the lovely Sarah from Mascara and Mimosas. I really love these interviews and find it so interesting, getting to know more about the “blogger” behind “the blog” – I hope you do too!

Sarah-from Mascara-and-Mimosas

Hello my name is Sarah and I have a beauty and lifestyle blog called Mascara and Mimosas. I am closer to 30 than 25 years old and live in Johannesburg with my husband. I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years now and it truly is my passion!

Sarah-from Mascara-and-Mimosas

  • When did you start your journey as a blogger and why? I started my blog in December 2014 purely for fun and as a hobby. I’m always buying new products or trying out new salons and spas and thought it would be a fun idea to share my experiences with other… Continue reading

How to Keep Children Entertained While Travelling

A while back I wrote an article on Tips for Travelling Internationally with Children, which was very well received! So I thought I would write an updated article, highlighting How to Keep Children Entertained While Travelling.

How to Keep Children Entertained While Travelling

As a family we love the rush of travelling, especially to new and exotic destinations but as much as I love to travel, let’s face it, travel with children, especially small children, is not for the fainthearted! Travelling with smaller children can be quite demanding, from the endless questions, mostly starting with “are we there yet?”, to the numerous amount of bathroom visits, statements like “I am Bored”, “I am hungry” it can simply be exhausting!

The last thing you want when travelling, after spending so much time planning your trip, money on air tickets and accommodation, is to have a disastrous… Continue reading

Nails Inc Basil Street

On today’s Mani-Monday I thought I would feature my favourite nude nail polish! I have tried quite a few nude nail polishes in my time and I have to say Nails Inc Basil Street, is definitely my all-time favourite! I wear nail polish all the time and love gorgeous brights and pastels, for summer but sometimes I just feel like toning it all down and going “nude”.


A great nude nail polish, is definitely a must have shade in your nail polish collection! In my opinion, Nails Inc Basil Street, is one of those iconic shades, which every girl should own!


This pale toffee shade, applies well and is long-lasting. It does not chip easily and has a lovely glossy finish but you will definitely need at least 2 coats, for the polish to be fully opaque.


Do you have a favourite nude nail polish?… Continue reading

Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range

I recently received news, about the new Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range. The Serenity range, includes a range of luxurious spa and body products. You can look forward to seeing these products, at selected Mr Price Home stores and online mid March 2015.

Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range

The Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range, was designed and produced in South Africa. The Serenity Body Collection contains nourishing vitamin E oil to soothe and moisturise the skin. The Serenity range includes a shower and bath gel, massage oil, body scrub, hand and body lotion, hand wash and luxury scented soap.

Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range

The full Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range, also includes a bath soak, bath crystals, linen spray, a fragrance diffuser and a ceramic oil burner.

Mr Price Home Serenity Spa Range

Mr Price Home very kindly sent me a Ceramic Oil Burner from the range to try, which I am really enjoying! The… Continue reading

Kirsten Goss

You may remember me mentioning recently how much I love jewellery! My taste as far as jewellery and accessories goes, has definitely changed over the years. I probably wear a lot less than I used – the whole less is more philosophy!


I do however firmly believe, that an outfit is not complete without accessories and that those accessories can make or break your outfit. It is also not always necessary be on trend. Being current is great but so is having your own unique sense of style.

Kirsten-Goss-date_night-Lifesaver combo

One jewellery designer I adore, particularly because of her unique range of jewellery is Kirsten Goss! I fell in love with a Kirsten Goss jewellery a few years ago. My loving hubby actually surprised me, with a Lifesaver a chain and pendant, a few Christmases back. I can honestly say, it is probably one of my most worn… Continue reading

Home Office

As you may be aware we moved home at the end of last year, which was quite an upheaval! We are fairly settled now but are battling a bit with a lack of space, as the house is incomplete – our project for 2015!


Unfortunately we have ended up in a situation, where we have less “general” space than in our previous house but once we have completed our planned alterations, that should be sorted. One of the main areas I am struggling with, is not having a proper home office. In our old home my office was in our spare room/study but it is now in our bedroom. I am finding this setup less than ideal, as our bedroom is mezzanine and open plan. Which means I hear all the noise from downstairs, this is not good for writing or work productivity in general.

We have just… Continue reading

Maybelline Superstay 14H Megawatt Lipstick 

I recently received a few new Maybelline lipsticks to review and among them was this gorgeous foursome. They are from the Maybelline Superstay 14H Megawatt Lipstick range. These lipsticks are an addition to their existing Superstay 14H range.

Maybelline-Super Stay 14H-Megawatt-Lipstick

If you are looking for super charged electric pigments to create a statement, in your face, bold lip, then these colours are perfect! The four Megawatt colours available in SA are Neon Pink 120, Flash of Fuschia 135, Burst of Coral 455 and Red Rays 575. I must admit I have become a bit boring with my lippie of late, opting for either a nude or soft pink lip {I can hear some of you shout BORING!} Well these shades are anything but boring!

Maybelline Superstay 14H Megawatt Lipstick

First impressions – I love the bright summery shades and the packing is cute and compact, perfect for popping in… Continue reading

One of the fashion trends I am really loving for summer, is tailored or structured shorts. I am not the tallest person in the world and always feel slightly self-conscious wearing short-shorts but recently discovered that wearing more tailored shorts can be very flattering.

Tailored Shorts

I think the key, for me anyway, is to ensure the shorts are not too short but not too long either. If they are too long they tend to cut off my leg in the wrong place and make me look even shorter! The key with fashion, is to always dress your body shape and showcase your best “bits”!

Fashion Tailored-Shorts

This is a look that can be very casual or quite chic, depending on how you style it. There are endless possibilities as far as tops go, either a short sleeved blouse or a long sleeved demin shirt work well. As far as shoes go, you can… Continue reading

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